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At Vivid, we understand the unique challenges faced by private clubs. Our simple and easy to use platform allows club leadership teams to optimize their performance, engage their members, and guide their board to ensure sustainable growth.

Excellence, Engagement, Governance, and Sustainability

our philosophy

Committed to excellence

Our commitment to excellence and innovation sets us apart in the private club management industry. We believe in providing clubs with the tools they need to thrive, whether it’s through efficient project management, improved member engagement, or sustainable practices. 

Unleash the full potential of your private club with Vivid’s governance and sustainability software platform and earn the pride of your members through exceptional experiences and innovative initiatives. 

Our team

Your partners in sustainable growth

Our leadership team is united by a shared commitment to excellence and a passion for driving innovation in the private club industry.

Together, we work cohesively to deliver unique solutions that empower private clubs to thrive while upholding sustainability practices and fostering member engagement and organizational alignment.

Our leadership

Vivid Leadership

Bettina von Ruexleben

Chief Executive Officer

Bettina is a trusted advisor and partner for Fortune 100 and small-to-medium businesses in the U.S. and in Europe. As a business psychologist and the founder of Brodtmann Consulting Group, she is focused on leadership effectiveness, team success, and motivating individuals within the team. Her proven methods resulting from her experience have been digitalized by her team. These are designed to enable customers to apply them for the instant benefit for their business.

She designed Vivid Leaf and Vivid Club – following the same intention – as platforms for the private Club industry. Vivid Leaf is guiding customers on their journey to sustainability and certifying achievements at the same time. Vivid Club optimizes club governance programs and ensures the alignment of all contributors towards the joint goals and objectives of the Club.

Marc Lammerding

Chief Technology Officer, Partner

Marc is Vivid Software’s MIT-certified CTO, Chief (Cloud) Solution Architect and Advisor for Digital Strategy.

A mathematician and IT scientist by education, Marc is responsible for the Vivid Software technology roadmap and strategy, the system and security architecture, and Vivid’s software engineering teams. He also manages the solutions data analytics suites that leverage advanced statistics and machine learning technology.

Marc has designed and implemented digital tools and strategy for multiple international firms and helps introduce digital practices and processes into his client’s businesses.

Till von Ruexleben

Chief Operating Officer

Till is a hands-on Technology Strategist and Executive, who has helped generating more than $1.2 billion shareholder value in various CxO positions in IT security and Mobile Device Management (MDM) start-ups.

As former mobility CTO for Symantec’s Enterprise Security Group, he gave keynote speeches at worldwide security events and the Swiss stock exchange (‘Workplace of the Future’). Till has published numerous studies on ‘big data’, mobile payment security, mobile application and data security and the ‘Internet of Things’.

Till knows how to identify your niche, how to develop a resilient and meaningful value proposition and what’s needed to establish and grow businesses around technology in the EU and in the U.S.

Board of Advisors

Frank Cordeiro, COO/General Manager

Frank Cordeiro

COO/General Manager, Colonial Country Club

"Vivid Club is a powerful platform and I'm honored to be associated with this impressive group of advisors. This tool should be in every club's toolbox!"

Henry DeLoizer

Principal / Partner, GGA Partners

"Brilliant people generating brilliant ideas. Everyone should learn more about Vivid Club."

Frederick Fung

CEO & GM, Bonita Bay Club

"Vivid Club is the most beneficial platform currently available to private club professionals."

Russell Sylte

GM & COO, The Santaluz Club

"Working with Vivid Club provides an excellence experience!"

Robert Sereci

CEO, Colleton River Club

"I'm very proud to be associated with Vivid Club and this group of professionals."

Our Values

Be clear, be vivid

Alignment through trust and transparency

We are committed to creating software solutions that are intuitive and user-friendly. We understand that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Our goal is to make our software accessible and easy to navigate, ensuring that private clubs can effectively manage their operations with minimal training or complexity.

We believe that user-friendly technology enhances productivity and overall satisfaction, making it a fundamental value in our approach to software development.

We are committed to environmental responsibility and sustainability in all aspects of our business. We develop and promote software solutions that help private clubs reduce their ecological footprint. We also implement sustainable practices within our own operations, minimizing waste and energy consumption.

We are passionate about fostering engagement and inclusivity, both within our team and within the private clubs we serve. Our software solutions are designed to enhance member engagement, teamwork, and community building. We encourage open communication, diversity, and a supportive work environment that empowers our employees to excel.

Just like the clubs we partner with, we aim to create exceptional experiences for our clients. We are dedicated to understanding your unique challenges, and tailoring our solutions to meet your needs. We listen, respond, and adapt to ensure our clients’ success and satisfaction.

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