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Vivid Leaf is sustainability planning, measurement, and management software for private clubs.

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Our platform simplifies and accelerates the journey to cost effective, lean, and conscious resource utilization.

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Vivid Leaf takes the hard work out of sustainability


You don’t have to be a sustainability expert to have a big impact.

Start with our Business Sustainability and Resilience Assessment to gather benchmarks, outline your goals, and identify the highest-impact activities to invest in.


Get an overview of how you’re performing on key sustainability indicators and initiatives at a glance.

With automated data feeds for key metrics like energy consumption and generation, water diversion, or fertilizer and pesticide usage, you never have to worry about manually checking meters onsite.


Learn from clubs leading the industry in sustainability through the Vivid mind-share community.

Share your sustainability initiatives, learn from the success and savings of others, and help make Vivid Leaf smarter with your contributions.


Share your sustainability goals, progress, and achievements with your members, board, and community.

Build a strong public image, save money, and contribute to preserving resources and protecting our environment for future generations.

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